ARRIVAL OF THE CARRICK CASTLE The Carrick Castle arrived at the Bluff on Monday afternoon with 290 souls, equal to 246 statute adults, after a passage of 77 days from Queenstown. Yesterday the vessel was inspected by the Health Officer (Dr Grigor), and we are happy to say that she obtained a clean bill of health. There were six deaths during the voyage - one a woman in childbed, and five infants. The immigrants are all Irish, and they are reported to be a likely-looking lot of people, more adapted to the requirements of the Colony than some recent shipments. As the inspection of the vessel had just been completed a few minutes before the afternoon train left the Bluff, our agents were unable to obtain further particulars for this issue. RUNAWAYS We have been informed that four of the seamen belonging to the Carrick Castle managed to escape from the vessel on Monday evening. It seems that they constructed a raft with lifebuoys, oars, spars, &c, and reached the shore by that means. Converted to electronic form by Corey Woodw@rd