WILLIAM WATSON 480 ton barque
London (25 Aug 1857) to New Plymouth & Auckland Under Captain William Brown NEW PLYMOUTH (30 Dec 1857) Ashman Mr Ashman Mrs GEORGE Mr P.C. George Mrs George Family GREGORY Frederick GROUBE Annie HEWARTHAW John JOY J. Boxer LAKE Alfred LAKE Susannah MARTIN Edward Martin Mrs Martin Family MARTIN Peter Martin Mrs Martin Family ROCKE F. Arthur URQUHART A.L. URQUHART A.V. URQUHART Henry A.A. WICKMAN Hannah WILLIAMS Kate WILLIAMS Margaret WILLIAMS Mrs Williams Family BROWNING George Browning Mrs Browning Child Only 21 destined for New Plymouth, some were Auckland? AUCKLAND (6 Jan 1858) BOWRING John BOWRING Mrs Louisa BROWN Mrs William CAMERON A. CANN COOKE Mrs R. COOKE Miss Jessie CREE Mr J. Cree Mrs E. Cree Matilda DALY Mr Daly Mrs Daly Son DRUMMOND Miss DRUMMOND Mr R. Drummond Mrs Janet Source: The New Zealander, 9 Jan 1858 (transcribed by: 0032006) London (21 Oct 1858) to Auckland (8 Feb 1859) Under Captain C. McDonald ADAMSON Thomas Adamson Elizabeth Adamson Isabella Adamson Elizabeth Adamson Robert Adamson Thomas Adamson Ann M. Adamson Alfred ASHTON George ASHTON Maria Ashton Oxenbauld Ashton Barbara Ashton Alfred ASHTON H. Ashton Thirza BARKER Isabella BARRABY Thomas BOOR R. Boor J.W. BOTTOMLY Samuel BREWER George BURDEN John BURLINSON H. CAIRNS Ann CAMPBELL F.A. CHEESEMAN Robert CHICKEN Joseph Chicken Ann Chicken John Chicken George Chicken Joseph CLAYTON Charles CLAYTON F.G. Clayton Ann COWEN James CROMARTY D. CROMARTY James Cromarty Margaret CROMBIE D. DAVIS James Davis W.H. DOUGLAS John Douglas Ann Douglas Ann B. Douglas John Douglas Elizabeth Douglas Hannah DOWSON T.W. DUGLEBY Richard Dugleby Matilda Dugleby W.A. FITZGERALD C.P. Fitzgerald Harriet (died on the passage) FITZGERALD Margaret FL???? Margaret HANDLEY George HARLEY Thomas HICKS Francis HILLS J.E. HIRST Henry Hirst Elizabeth Hirst S.L. Hirst Mary Ann Hirst James HOBBS Bridget HODGES Frederick HODGES Margaret HOLLOWAY Mr HOLT Mr Holt Mrs M. Holt Children (4) HOLT Robert HOWELL Miss Caroline JOHNSTON Elizabeth JONES George LEWIS Elijah LUTTON William Lutton Harriet LYE T. MARCH Mr March Mrs MARSHALL Elizabeth Marshall Mary Marshall Catherine MAYHEW William McKEE G.J. McKee A.E. McKee J. MILLAR J.S. MILLS Mr MIRAUD John Miraud Sarah MORLEY Ritchie MOYES William MULLARKEY Sophia NEALE Ed. NORRIS E.F. OGLE H. OTWAY Robert Otway Ann Otway Errat Otway James Otway Ada PARKER George PRENDERGAST Mary RICHARDSON J.G. RITCHIE Thos ROBINSON T.J. SANTY Joseph J. Santy Louisa SHEPHERD William SMITH Charles SMITH J.E. SMITH Mary SMITHYMAN J.B. STEEDMAN Elizabeth STEEDMAN James STREETER E. SUTCLIFFE B. SUTHERLAND J. Sutherland W. TAYLOR G.C. Taylor Jane THOMAS Frances THOMPSON Archibald THOMPSON William WALLACE Sarah WALLIS Thomas WILLIAMS Margaret Source: The New Zealander, 9 Feb 1859 (transcribed by: 0032006)
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