KENILWORTH 537 ton ship
London to Auckland (2 May 1857) Under Captain Jame Thorn 1st Class: ADAMS Alfred ALDERSON Mr T.H. BAKER Miss BARLEY Mr Johnston BARLEY Mrs BARNARD Major BARNARD Mrs CARRINGTON Mr Carrington Mrs J. Carrington Miss Jane Carrington Miss Ada GARRICK Mr RICHMOND Mr James RICHMOND Mrs STRANGWAY Edward WEEKES Dr (ship’s surgeon) WEEKES Mrs Weekes Master Francis WILKINSON Mrs 2nd Class: BISHOP Mr E. BLOXAM Charles R. HARTON George HUTCHINSON David MANBY Mr C. MANBY Mrs SEABROOK John SEABROOK Mrs SELVA David STOREY Charles J. THOMAS Charles R. WHEELER Edward 3rd Class: ANNING John J. CALDICUTT William Caldicutt Mrs DANBY John Danby Mrs Danby Infant GRIFFIN Charles Griffin Mrs Griffin Child MACHAR John MAY George MILLER James Miller Mrs MUIR Dalrymple MUIR John Muir James Muir Hugh MUIR Mrs O’DONNELL James G. PEARCE James Pearce Mrs SANDERSON William WAFER Jeremiah Source: The New Zealander, 6 May 1857 (transcribed by: 0032006)
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