GIPSEY ton vessel Built in 18-- by for
London (4 Jul 1854) to Auckland, Wellington & Nelson Under Captain A. Bolton Passengers for Auckland (25 Oct 1854) BARNES John BARNETT Ann BENNETT Henry BRENNAN Ellen BROWN Hannah BROWN Mr Peter Brown Mrs Brown John Brown Catherine Brown Isabel BROWNING Mr George Browning Mrs Browning William Browning Edwin Browning Henry Browning Eliza BRUCE Mr James Bruce Mrs Bruce Son BRYAN Sarah Bryan Richard BUSH Michael CHURCHES Mr Churches Mrs Churches Sons (2) CROSS Mr Thomas Cross Mrs DINNAN Peter Dinnan Michael DOUGHANY James FIELD Mary Ann FLEMING William GILL William GOLLAN Alexander Gollan Jane Gollan Alexander HACKETT Michael HICKEY Johanna Hickey Jane HIGGINS Mr Daniel Higgins Mrs Higgins Infant HULL John LAW Mary Jane LEANING Mr Leaning Mrs Leaning John Leaning George Leaning Thomas Leaning Fanny Leaning Jane LOCKE Martha Ann McGUIRE Ellen SCOTT Mr Scott Mrs Scott William Scott Son SHEEHAN Mr Daniel Sheehan Mrs Sheehan Michael Sheehan John Sheehan Dennis Sheehan William SIMPSON Mr James Simpson Mrs Simpson Children (2) THOMAS Mr William Thomas Mrs Thomas Infant WADE Mr Charles Wade Mrs Wade Isaac Wade Robert Wade Mary Passengers for Wellington: AIKEN Mary ASLAN Alexander Aslan Thomas BENTON William Benton Rebecca BROOK Samuel Brook Hannah GREENSIDE William HAMPTON Mr R. Hampton Mrs Hampton Children (4) HERCUS Elizabeth HO(?E)WETT James HOWIE Mr Alexander Howie Mrs Howie Children (3) LONSDALE Dorothea NEVAN Mr Dixon Nevan Mrs PATTISON George Pattison Alexander SEWELL Mr Sewell Mrs Sewell William Sewell Benjamin SMITH Gerrard Smith Thomas SMITH Mr Smith Mrs Smith Thomas Smith Richard Smith T. Smith C. TAYLOR Mr Henry Taylor Mrs Passengers for Nelson: ANDERSON Catherine BELL Margaret BREMNER William CARSWELL Elizabeth Carswell Mary FIELD Mr Thomas Field Mrs Field Children (3) FULLER Hannah LOWDEN Mr Lowden Mrs Lowden Daughters (6) McKENZIE Mary Ann McKenzie Infant OGILVIE Mr Ogilvie Mrs Ogilvie Child SMITH John STRINGER Mr Thomas H. Stringer Mrs Source: The New Zealander, 28 Oct 1854 (transcribed by Jacqueline Walles) Transcribed by Corey Woodw@rd unless otherwise noted