EVELINE ton vessel Built in 18-- by for
Cape Town (2 Dec 1864) to Auckland (22 Jan 1865) Under Captain ? Addie David Addie Ann Addie Julia Adolph Heinrich Adolph Emma Adolph Gustav Adolph Charlotte Adolph Reinhold Adolph Julius Adolph Pauline Adolph Anna Adolph Emil Adolph Alwin Adolph Emilie Marie Adolph Heinrich Allen Henry Allen Mary Allen Mathilda Arthur William Anderson Olaf Bec Charles W. # Bekersing Julius Bekersing Mary Bekersing Bridget Bohill John Brauer Johan Brauer Maria Rosa Brauer Gertrude Brown John Brown John Brown Christiana Brown Alexander Brown Janet Brown Elizabeth Brown William Brown Thomas Brown Bridget Brown Lizzie Brown Ellen Brown Sarah Callagen Andrew Caughlin Michael Chaplain Alexander Chaplain Ellen Chaplain Jessie Chaplain William Chaplain Alexander Chaplain Thomas Charains William Charains Sarah Charains John Charains Sarah Ellen Charains Margaret Charains Elizabeth Clyons Michael Coleman James Coleman Mary Coleman Mary Coleman Henry Coleman John Collin Archibald Conroy Michael Conroy Bridget Conroy Mary Conroy Ann Conroy Ellen Conroy Bridget Conroy Michael Crisp William Crisp Frances Harriet Crisp Mary Ann Crisp Clara Crisp Frances Harriet Crone James Crone Mary Ann Darlington John Darlington Ellen Davies Francis Davies James Donaldson James Donaldson Catherine Donaldson George Donaldson Alexander Donaldson William Donaldson Margaret Donaldson Jane Donaldson Mary Donelly James Donelly Ann Donelly Bridget Donelly Honoria Donelly James Drummond Alexander Drummond Elizabeth Drummond Robert Drummond Mary Drummond John Drummond Elizabeth Drummond Ellen Drummond Charles Egan Fanny Farmell Frederick Farmell Ann Felney James Felney Elizabeth Felney John Felney Richard Felney Mary Felney Thomas Ferguson Thomas Ferguson Margaret Ferguson Isabella Ferguson Jane Ferguson Thomas Ferguson Margaret Ferguson Jemima Ferguson Mary Ann Findlay Thomas Finn Michael Forrester William Fraser John Fraser Catherine Fraser Margaret Fraser John Fraser Elizabeth Fraser Catherine Fraser Bella Fraser Robert Fraser Jemima Geddes William Gill James Gill Catherine Gillespie James Gillespie Jane Gillespie Isabella Gooch Thomas Gooch James Gooch Thomas Gooch Jane Gooch Emily Graham Richard Grey John Griffin Patrick Hallinen M. Halpin Michael Hamersley Charles Hay Alexander Hay Ann Hayward Frederick Hickey Mrs Hickey Michael Hickey Mary Ann Higgins Michael Higgins Margaret Hook Joseph Jack Robert Jack Frances Jack Francis Jackson Henry Jackson Ada Johnson John Joseph Kanaly Thomas Kanaly Mary Ann Kelsche James Kendall William Kendall Mary Kendall Charlotte Kendall Michael Kendall George William Kendall William Harry Kendall Sarah Ann Kendall Mary Jane Kendall James King Francis Kirschner Lawrence Kuhn Catherine Kuhn Louis Kuhn Augusta Kuhn Hannah Lankester Elizabeth Lascelles George Lincoln William Lyons George Lyons Mary Lyons Mary Ann Lyons Charles McCatagert Bernard (or McCutegert) McCarthy John McCarthy Bridget McCarthy Mary McCarthy Hugh McConville John McConville Jane McConville Hannah McGeehan Neil McLaughlin Robert McMahon Thomas Madden Thomas Maloney Ellen Marshall Frederick Martin Robert Martin Margaret Martin Elizabeth Mercer John Mercer Margaret Mercer Ellen Mercer Elizabeth Murray Thomas Murray Caroline Nelson Andrew Niddrie David Niddrie Mary Ann Niddrie James Niddrie Elizabeth Niddrie Mary Ann Niddrie William Law Niddrie Eliza Niddrie Mary Ann Niddrie Rosanna Niddrie Arthur Niddrie Agnes Nolan Martin Nott Charles Nott Mary Ann Nott Elizabeth Nott Fanny Ohrberg Olaf August Oran Frederick Oran Sarah O'Reilly John O'Shea James # Otzen Nicholas Page Margaret Palmer Charles Palmer Thomas Palmer William Palmer James Panthin Jessie Patterson James Patterson Martha Patterson Sarah Pepler Noah Pepler Sarah Pepler Sarah Jane Prosser Joseph Prosser Mary Purcell Philip Purchase George Purchase Wilhelmina Purchase Margaret Purchase Sarah Purchase George Purchase Paul Purchase Wilhelmina Quinn Thomas Quinn Margaret Quinn Thomas Quinn Mary Ann Quinn Michael Quinn Francis Rice John Rice Mary Rice John Rice Margaret Richardson William Richardson William Richardson Abigail Richardson George Richardson Samuel Riley William Riley Jacob Riley George Riley William Roche Charles Roche Mary Roche William Roche Francis Radd Michael Scott William Scott Fanny Scott Kate Scott Jane Smith Chester Stephenson Michael Stevens James # Stevens Margaret # Stevens Isabella # Stevens Margaret # Stevens Charles # Stevens William # Sullivan Edward Sweeney John Henry Sweeney John Blair Sweeney Eugene Sweeney Bridget Tabberner George Tabberner Catherine Tabberner Elizabeth Tobin Michael Tobin Margaret Tobin Bridget Tout Francis Turner Edward Turner William Henry Vickers John Von Carelstein Ferdinand Ward Thomas Warren Mary Ann Waters James Watson Henry Watson John Watson John Watson Jemima Watson Catherine Watson Thomas Watson Jemima Wells Henry Wells Frances Jane Wells Henrietta Mary Wells Stephen Thomas Wells Mary S. Weston James Weston James Thomas Fox White Richard # White Mary # Wilson James Wilson Bridget Wilson James Wilson Nicholas Wilson Stephen Wilson Helen Wilson John Woodward Frederick Woodward Amelia Young David Young Elizabeth Young James Young David Young John Young Elizabeth Young Alice Young Robert # paid own passage Source: The Southern Cross, 23 Jan 1865 (transcribed by: 0042006)
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