EUPHRATES 675 ton ship Built in 18-- by for
London to Auckland (29 Apr 1855) Under Captain Barron 65th REGIMENT DETACHMENT BATES H.S., 65th Regt HARRIES Lt T.S. [or HERRIES] HIGGINS W. LEWIS J.W. MACAULEY Asst Surgeon, 40th Regt McGREGOR Capt URQUHART Ensign C.J. WHITBREAD C.J. 9 Sergeants 9 Corporals 4 Drummers 160 Rank and file 10 Women 12 Children Source: The New Zealander, 28 Apr 1855 (transcribed by Jacqueline Walles) The Otago Witness, 16 Jun 1855 Transcribed by Corey Woodw@rd unless otherwise noted