EUPHEMUS 586 ton vessel Built in 18-- by for
London to Auckland (12 Feb 1857) Under Captain W. Howard BARBER Samuel BARRETT Rhoda BLENCOWE Edwin CAIRNS Agnes COLLINS Helen Collins Mary COLLINS Patrick COOT John CORNEY Ellen Corney Joan Corney Samuel CORNEY George CORY John COTTLE Caroline Cottle Sarah Jane Cottle Frederick Cottle Sydney COTTLE James DEARNESS James Dearness Sarah Dearness William Dearness Sarah Ann Dearness Jemima EDWARDS George EDWARDS Isabella EGAN Dennis FAIRBURN Mr William Fairburn Mrs J. FITNESS Elizabeth Fitness James Fitness Jane Fitness James Fitness Thomas Fitness Mary Jane Fitness Elizabeth Fitness Benjamin Fitness William FITNESS Thomas FLEMING Margaret FLEMING William FLOWER GALL Benjamin GEORGE Thomas George George George Elizabeth George Lucy George Louisa George Frederick GERRISH/GERVISH George GIBBINS Martha GIRVINO Eliza GIRVINO Catherine GOODENHAM Eleanor HAINES J. HAMILTON Mary Hamilton Louisa HAMILTON Mary Hamilton James HAMILTON William HAYES Walter HENDERSON David JOHNSON Joseph JOHNSON Mary Johnson Joseph Johnson Maria Johnson Mary Ann KINYON Hannah Kinyon Hannah Ann Kinyon Elizabeth KINYON Joseph McVICARS Christina McVICARS Margaret MINCHIM Thomas MORTIMER Edward MORTIMER John NORRIS Dr R.R., Surgeon PALMER William PHILLIPS Joseph Phillips Lucy Phillips Lydia Phillips Mary Phillips Lucy Phillips Eliza Phillips Gerald Phillips Edward Phillips William RAE Mary A. RAE Mary Ann REILLY Joseph ROWLAND Richard SMALLFIELD Octavius THOROGOOD George TIBBUT Mary Anne Tibbut Marianne Tibbut Alfred Tibbut Amelia TIBBUTT James TOWN James TOWN John WALL Alice WALL John Thomas WATLING Cecilia WELLS Elizabeth Wells Susan Wells Susan Wells Eliza Wells Ann Wells Charlotte Wells Mary Ann Wells Sarah WELLS Sydney WICKHAM William WILLING William Source: The New Zealander, 14 Feb 1857 (transcribed by: 0032006)
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