ENGLAND ton vessel Built in 18-- by for
London to Dunedin (22 Sep 1865) Under Captain Houston CABIN Fleming Mr John Fleming Mr E.M. Fleming Mrs Fleming Children (5) Fleming Servant Mouat Mr Charles Thos. Watts Seaward Mr W. Wakefield Mr E. Simpson Mr Francis S. Charles Mrs Calcutt Mrs Padday Mr Cyril H. Da Costa Mr Frederick Gomaz STEERAGE Bennet Ellen Everell Ellen M. Keen Jane Kennedy Anne Meechan Mary O'Donnell Lousia Shuttleworth Margaret Spillane Mary Wray Ann Jane Unknown (59 - calculated) 85 Passengers in total Source: The Otago Witness, 23 Sep 1865 1869 Debtors List (transcribed by Allan Steel) London (20 Oct 1866) to Auckland (6 Feb 1867) Under Captain Fox (114 days) Saloon BRADLEY Captain CODD Miss COLENSO Elizabeth Colenso Fanny Colenso Latimer DEACON Fanny DYER Emily Dyer Robert DYER Mrs B.C. FAIRBURN Mr Edwin Fairburn Emma Laura Fairburn Frederick Fairburn Ruth Fairburn Edwin Fairburn Mabel Fairburn John GULLY Mr Charles CARR Miss E.J. POWDRALL Mr S.D. POWELL Ensign ROBINSON Mr W.W. ROE Miss Emily ROE Mr Robert Second Cabin and Steerage [Several names are unreadable] ***ANDER Thomas ***ander Fanny ***ander Thomas ***ander Fanny ***ander Elizabeth ***ander Alfred ***ander George H. ***ander Neile T. ***ander Ma*** *EL*ELL Ro** APPLEGATE Henry BARNS William S. Barns Catherine Barns George Barns Mary Barns Catherine Barns Richard Barns Rebecca G. BAYNLEY Richard BERRY Elizabeth and Samuel BERRY Francis BEVERLEY Mary J. BOWMAN William BROOKES Mary H. BROWN ? Wm CLIFTON Henry DAVIS Mary B. and Andrew F. DELAHAY William and Elizabeth EDRELL John & Fanny FARMER George FAWCETT Fanny and Thomas FAWCETT Peter FRANKLIN Charles FRISCOTT Alexander Friscott Jane Friscott Clara Friscott George Friscott Bessie Friscott John Friscott Kate Friscott Alexander GILLIS Sarah GIVAND John HADDON John HALES Sim HASSARD Francis LAPSLEY John McCULLOCK John ORAIN Ann and William [?ORAM] ORAIN Thomas [?ORAM] PYE Charles Pye Matilda Pye Jemma Pye Francis Pye Charles READ George ROGERS James SHEKELTON Alexander SMITH Ebenezer SPEARY John STANDLEY ? THA*** Thomas THA**ETER Mark THATSCT** Charlotte, Sarah Ann & Grace WILLIAMS Charlotte & *inn * WILLIAMS Thomas 9 farmers; 1 shipwright; 1 groom; 2 female servants; 1 housewife; 1 miner; 1 labourer; 1 shop keeper 1 settler; 2 butchers; 1 clerk; 1 commercial traveller; 1 plumber; 1 miller Source: The New Zealand Herald, 11 Feb 1867 (transcribed by: 0032006)
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