EASTFIELD ton vessel Built in 18-- by for
London to Auckland (12 Dec 1857) Under Captain John Copland (128 Days) ANDERSON James (2) Anderson Caroline Anderson Thomas Anderson Charles Anderson Sydney Anderson Josiah Anderson Herbert Anderson Caroline Anderson William Ashton Mrs William BABER Mr James Baber Mrs Mary Baber Eleanor/Ellen Baber Mary Baber Jane Baber Sarah BARNES Miss Mary Ann RILLING Mr Robert Rilling Mrs Jane Rilling Margaret Rilling Robert Rilling Andrew Case Miss S. COOKE Mary Ann H. COOKE Richard CORBET Edward Charles Corbet Sarah EDMISTON Susan HALLIDAY T. HAMMOND Edwin/Edward LOCKWOOD Mr Daniel LOCKWOOD Mrs Elizabeth Nelmes H. Nelmes Mr Nelmes Mrs Nelmes R. McCALL W. RAWSON Frederick G. Rilling SHAW Williams Shaw Margaret WEBSTER Mr James Webster Mrs Margaret WILLIAMS Josiah Williams Mary Susan Williams Richard Source: The New Zealander, 16 Dec 1857 (transcribed by: 0032006)
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