EARL OF LONSDALE 150 ton barque Built in 18-- by for
Sydney (12 Oct 1840) to Bay of Islands Under Captain Beile CABIN Godfrey Colonel Richmond Captain Mason Mrs Mason Son Graham Mr W. Weavell Mr Beveredge Mr Lawrence Mr Pettingale Mr J. Davy Mr R. STEERAGE Unknown (3) Source: The Commercial Journal, 14 Oct 1840 Sydney (18 Mar 1841) to Bay of Islands (11 Apr 1841) Under Captain Peile CABIN Fitzgerald Mr Fitzgerald Mrs Fitzgerald Children (3) Massey Mr O'Brien Mr West Mr Venables Mr Beveridge Mr Lawrence Mr Black Mr Anwyl Mr Anwyl Mrs Anwyl Child Morris Miss Bryder Mr Walton Mr Mullens Mr Whitfield Mr Pickering Mr Raine Dr Rowe Mr STEERAGE Unknown (6) Source: The Sydney Free Press, 20 Mar 1841 The Sydney Free Press, 3 May 1841 Transcribed by Corey Woodw@rd