CAROLINE 984 ton brig Built in 18-- at by for
Unknown to Bay of Islands (20 May 1833) Under Captain ? Whiteley Rev. John Whiteley Mrs Source: Brave Days - Pioneer Women of NZ, 1939 Hobart Town to Bay of Islands (1 Nov 1840) Under Captain Woodin CABIN England Captain, 12th regt. Day Mr Day Mrs Day Child Radcliffe Richard, Esq Manning Frederick, Esq (Author of Old New Zealand) STEERAGE Grimlay Mr Grimlay Mrs O'Neil Mr O'Neil Mrs Makepeace Mr Makepeace Mrs Coombes Mr Coombes Mrs Coombes Child Ross Mr Ross Mrs Heath Mr Sawyer Mr Gibbs Mr McCormack Mr McCormack Son Hunter Mr Stevenson William (Native Wesleyan Preacher) Source: The New Zealand Advertiser, 5 Nov 1840 Sydney (2 Aug 1841) to Auckland Under Captain Coombes Pollack Mr J.S. Stewart Mr Addison Mr Audmor Mr Source: Australian & NZ Monthly, Vol 1, Num 1, 1842 Sydney Free Press & Commercial Journal, 3 Aug 1841 London to Port Chalmers (11 Jul 1874) Under Captain Clyma 300 free and nominated statute adults Source: The Otago Witness, 18 Jul 1874 Passengers who disembarked at Invercargill 25 May 1883 Sexton (?) Patrick 22 Hynes Patrick 23 MacKenzie John 22 Sparks John C 21 Salton John 18 Breen Jeremiah 27 (with Moynahan party) Moynahan John 18 Moynahan Margaret 22 Hurst John 28 Madden Horora 17 McGregor Catherine 26 Robertson Mary 32 Robertson George 10 Robertson Mary 7 Robertson Maggie A 4 Watt Isabella 23 Williams Jane 52 Transcribed by Corey Woodw@rd