BOSWORTH ton vessel Built in 18-- by for
London to Dunedin (26 Nov 1857) Under Captain Turnbull CABIN Waite Mr W.W. Waite Lady Waite Children (4) Walker Mr Walker Mrs Walker Henry Walker Child Boswell Mr Boswell Mrs Paritt Mr Paritt Mrs Dick Mr Dick Mrs Dick Thomas Dick Children (4) Darling Elizabeth Darling Agnes Darling Charlotte Darling William Tarlton Mr Tarlton Mrs Tarlton Robert Tarlton Children (6) INTERMEDIATE & STEERAGE Sewell Mr Sewell Mrs Sewell Child Grey Miss Gordon Charles Dalglish Mr Dalglish Mrs Eldon Miss Redmayne Mr Redmayne Mrs Redmayne Catherine Redmayne Elizabeth Redmayne Anne McQueen Misses (2) Avarre Mr Richardson Mr Copestake Mr Henderson Mr Thomas Mr Harkness Mr Dewabury Mr Bellamy Mr McLellan Mr McLellan Mrs McLellan Children (3) Hunt Mr Hunt Mrs Hunt William Hunt John Hunt Elizabeth Hunt Children (4) Rowen Miss Basson Mr Basson Mrs Basson Child Chase Mr Chase Mrs Chase Elizabeth Chase Amelia Chase Betsy Chase Ellen Chase Mary Chase Fanny CANTERBURY Unknown (25) Source: The Otago Witness, 28 Nov 1857 Unknown port (5 Oct 1859) to Otago Under Captain ? Stuart Rev D.M. Stuart Mrs Stuart Family (3) Bedborough Mr R. Bedborough Miss A. Elphinstone Mr Alex. Black Dr McAlister Mr A.J. Menzies Mr Duncan Brodrick Mr G. Brodrick Mrs Brodrick Family (6) Murdoch Mr J.W. Source: The Otago Witness, 24 Dec 1859
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