BLUNDELL 573 ton vessel Built in 18-- by for
Gravesend (4 May 1848) to Otago (21 Sep 1848) Under Captain RenaŻt OTAGO Dewe Mr John Dewe Mrs Dewe Children (4) Whittle Mr Woodhead Mrs Turnbull Mrs G. Graham Miss Graham Mr (printer) Graham Mrs Fraser Mr W. Fraser Mrs Fraser Son Chapman Mr R. Chapman Mrs Chapman Son Chapman Mr G. Chapman Mrs Finlayson Miss Falconer Miss Poppelwell Mr Poppelwell Mrs Poppelwell Son Poppelwell Daughter Lane Mr John Lane Mrs Lane Children (5) Duncan Mr Duncan Mrs Duncan Son Johnstone Mr J. Johnstone Mrs Johnstone Son Stevens Mr Stevens Mrs Harrison Mr T. Harrison Mrs Harrison Daughters (4) Anderson Mr A. Anderson Mrs Anderson Sons (2) Clark Mr H. Clark Mrs Clark Daughters (2) Thomson Mr J. Thomson Mrs Thomson Sons (2) Gibson Mr Gibson Mrs Gibson Children (6) Black Mr Black Mrs Black Son Robertson Andrew Weir Mr D. Weir Mrs Weir Sons (3) Hill Mr J. Hill Mrs Hill Daughters (3) Glen Mr T. Glen Mrs Glen Children (5) Howie Mr Jenkinson J.H. Brown G. Sidey T.K. Fraser W. Rennie Mr Somerville Mr J. Somerville Mrs Somerville Children (9) Begg Mr A. Begg Mrs Begg Children (4) Rogers Mr Rogers Mrs Rogers Children (3) Garvie Mr Garvie Mrs Garvie Children (2) Shiels Mr Shiels Mrs Shiels Daughter Gunn Mr A. Gunn Mrs Dowie Mrs R. Adams Mr J. Adams Mrs Adams Children (2) Matthews Mr J. Matthews Mrs Gilfillan Mr J. Gilfillan Mrs Gilfillan Son McDonald Mr McDonald Mrs McDonald Family Dodds John Douglas Daniel Matthews Thomas Perry Samuel Thorburn Mr Unknown Male (Daft Charlie) 3 foreigners NELSON (13 Nov 1848) Honore Abraham Source: The Otago Daily Times & Witness (50th Jubilee issue) 17 Mar 1898 Nelson City Council Early Settlers Database (see for more passenger details: Ages, occupations, etc.)
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