BENGAL MERCHANT ton vessel Built in 18-- by for
London (31 Oct 1839) to Port Nicolson (20 Feb 1840) Under Captain Hemery (104 days) Hay Mr Ebenezer Hay Mrs Agnes (nee Orr) Logan Mr T. (Doctor) Logan Mrs Logan Child Strang Mr Robert R. Strang Mrs Strang Miss D'Orsey Dr D'Orsey Mrs D'Orsey Children (2) Macdowall Mr Macdowall Mrs Macdowall Children (2) Reid Mr Reid Mrs Reid Daughter Duncan Mr Duncan Mrs Duncan Children (2) MacFarlane Rev. Mr Todd Mr A. Todd Dr Graham Carruth Mr R. Carruth Mr J. Yule Mr J. Wallace George Majoribanks Alexander Anderson Mr A. Webster Mr W. Telford Mr J. Buchanan Mr W.T. Colville Mr J. Johnson Mr D. Johnson Mr J. Brown Peter Brown Mrs McBeth Mrs John (Late of Torryburn) McBeth Infant Daughter (Born onboard - 29 Dec 1839) Source: Brave Days - Pioneer Women of NZ, 1939 The New Zealand Gazette, 2 May 1840 Travels in New Zealand by Alexander Marjoribanks, 1846
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