BANK OF ENGLAND 726 ton ship Built in 18-- by for
London (5 Sep 1855) to Auckland (28 Dec 1855) Under Captain W. Maxton CABIN ABBOTT Mr A. ADAMS Mr H. BOYLAN Miss Mary BURROWS Rev R. & Mrs, 2 daus EARLE William MONTEFIORE Miss Julia MONTEFIORE Mr J.I. PIERCE Mr G. YOUNG Mr F. INTERMEDIATE ADAM Margaret CLARKE John DEAN E. DOW Agnes HAY Ann HAY Mr, Mrs & 5 chdn HIGGINS Michael & William HIGGINS Mr & Mrs, 2 chdn HOCKING Mr, Mrs & son MULLOY William MURPHY Mrs & son NICHOLL John NICHOLLS Catherine NICHOLLS Mr & 5 chdn ROBERTSON Mr & Mrs SHUTTLEWORTH Mr & dau. SHUTTLEWORTH W., D. & A. THOMPSON Mrs & 4 chdn TOLE Mr, Mrs, 6 chdn WALLACE Mrs WALLACE Robert, David, Ann, George & Jean WATSON Mr, Mrs, 2 chdn Source: The New Zealander, 29 Dec 1855 (transcribed by Jacqueline Walles)
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