BALTASARA 331 ton brig Built in 18-- by for
London to Auckland (20 Jan 1854) Under Captain J.T. Thomas ALLEN Thomas Allen Sara Allen A. Allen G. BLARNEY Daniel BLIGHT Jeremiah Blight Edwin BRAY Ant. Bray John Bray Ant. Jr. BRAY Thomas Bray Harriet Bray Harriet Jr. CHENHALLS N. DEAN James EDWARDS William Edwards Catherine ELPHICK S. Elphick Mary HANCOCK John JEFFREY Josiah Jeffrey Phillip Jeffrey John Jeffrey Henry SEDGWICK W.G. Sedgwick Charlotte Sedgwick Charlotte J. SKEWES William VIGUS James WARD J.B. WHITE Thomas White T.H. WHITFORD William Whitford Alice WILLIAMS William Williams Caroline Williams Caroline Jr. Source: The New Zealander, 21 Jan 1854 (transcribed by Jacqueline Walles)
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